Spring Cleanse

The rivers are swollen with snowmelt, and the sap is starting to run in the trees. All the moisture that was bound by freezing temperatures is now moving to clear winter stagnation. And for our bodies, spring is the optimal time for lightening and clearing. Accumulated heavy and dense qualities from winter must be broken down and burned up. The body’s needs for the rich foods of winter shifts to a desire for light, dry, simple foods that digest easily. Stroke the digestive fire and encourage the body’s natural cleansing this time of year with the pungent bitter, and astringent tastes found in seasonal greens, bright local berries, fresh ginger, turmeric, and spicy soups.   A spring cleanse bolsters the immune system during allergy season.  It also improves digestion.

During this time enjoy a nap if you need it, sauna or steam, epsom salts baths, Yoga Nidra, sipping hot water, going to bed early, giving yourself daily oil massages to release impurities and calm your nervous system.

Cleansing results in these changes, skin rashes and pimples clear up, the whites of your eyes are clear and bright, you have regular bowel movements without gas or bloating, your breath is fresh and you have consistent energy levels which leave you feeling grounded and calm.

Spring Cleanse-8 days of Support $125

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Beginning April 12, 2021 (on the New Moon) you will receive:

  • 8 days of Daily Love Notes full of Guidance & Support, ending April 20, 2021.
  • Free, 30 min 1-on-1 Zoom session with Sethyne. To be scheduled during the cleanse.
  • Email access to answer any lingering questions that might arise.

A little about Ayurveda:

Pronounced “R-yer-VAY-da”, meaning “The Science of Life,” and can be understood to mean “the Science of Self-Healing”.  Ayurveda is one of the oldest holistic approaches to health in the world, and originated in a region which is now known as India thousands of years ago.

Ayurveda has a history of Preventative medicine which promotes Longevity by creating the optimal conditions within the individual for healing.

“Health” according to Ayurvedic theory is achieved by addressing the root cause of disease, understanding that the mind, physical body, senses and spirit are all part of the picture; instead of the approach Western Medicine takes which tends to treat individual symptoms. Ayurveda has many acute treatments available for diseases/symptoms – but the real focus is on avoiding sub-optimal nutrition and lifestyle choices that CAUSE disease.

What this means is that your health and healing is ultimately in your own hands.

Ayurveda is the path to harmony.  Ayurveda knows that where there is harmony there is health.

I work with people who are interested in feeling more of their inherent vitality and fostering resilience. Ayurveda offers a path to support your Soul’s passion.

Ayurvedic Wisdom states, We Are All Divine. Knowing and acting from this place of Divinity we make better choices.


“Good morning Sethyne. Here I am on day 8. Time surely flies by quickly! I feel great, a bit lighter in a sense I can’t describe with words.

There are several things I’ve learned or reinforced through this process:

  • Listen to how my body reacts to what I feed it. I’ve done lots of that these past eight days. I get it. In the past for example, I accompanied breakfast with a cup of coffee. Right after that,I’d have heartburn for hours. But I never listened to my body and continued coffee consumption. Not anymore, I’ve replaced the coffee in my covers with green tea for now. I have not had any heartburn during the cleanse. It feels wonderful.
  • Savor food. I took the time to savor food during the cleanse. It helped me connect the inside with the outside. I’ve slowed down the process of eating food.
  • There are so many healthier options. It is a matter of committing to finding them and making the time to cook great, healthy food. I love cooking, so I am on a journey of discovery and intent to find those healthier options. I went through my fridge last night and discarded lots of stuff that was not very healthy or current.
  • I usually eat mostly chicken and fish; not much red meat or pork. I am seriously considering a plant-based diet. For now, I am cutting down meat consumption.
  • Knowledge is power. Oh yeah! I’ve known this one but am intent on educating myself more on nutrition and most definitely Ayurveda. Inquiring minds want to know.
  • Slowing down can be great. I am a kind of an “energizing bunny.” I just keep on going, and going, and going. Resting these past days was wonderful. I did not go to work today and spent the entire weekend just taking care of myself. I plan to do more of that in the future.

With much love and gratitude,”