I credit this practice with rescuing my soul back for myself.

Personalized Yoga Instruction

Ayurveda and Yoga, Sister Sciences

Ayurveda is the science and yoga is the practice of the science. It’s been said that Yoga and Ayurveda are sister sciences — they are intrinsic to each other.

As Ayurveda is the science of proper living aiming to establish perfect health in body and mind, so yoga is the science of spiritual development aiming at Self-realization. They originate as part of a greater system of Vedic knowledge.

Both yoga and Ayurveda are based upon the principles of trigunas or mind states of sattva, rajas and tamas. The principles of the panchamahabuthas or elements of ether, air, fire , water and earth are also in same in Ayurveda and yoga The two have a common understanding of health of the body being dependent on the health and balance of the mind.

In treatment, both Ayurveda and yoga advocate for the regular practice of exercise, pranayama, meditation, herbs, body purification procedures, food as medicine, aromatherapy, color therapy and chanting of mantras to benefit both physical and mental health.

I offer personalized yoga instruction, and teach public yoga classes. I also teach Yoga Nidra, a sleep-based, conscious relaxation and meditation technique. I am a RYT 500, and consider myself an anatomist and overall body geek. I am also an iRest® Teacher in Training Level I.

Yoga Nidra

Yoga Nidra is a sleep-based, conscious relaxation and meditation technique. It offers a process to welcome whatever is arising in each moment. Inherent in all of us there is a sense of “okayness” on a subtle level.  This is your Inner Resource and during practice it gets cultivated so you know yourself as that.   The deep healing of Yoga Nidra occurs while the body is still. When stillness occurs in the body the teachings of Yoga Nidra seep into the subconscious and then manifest into the conscious.

Structural Yoga

My teaching of this ancient technique is from the bones to the brain and back. My own learning informs my teaching and these days it’s identifying subtle and gross anatomy and working our way toward easeful movement. I know that Yoga is truly nervous system training. Keen attunement is required to stay safe within the poses.

Yoga is designed to be taught individually for the optimal results. Please let me know what you need and I’ll let you know how I can help.

Practice Yoga With Me

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