I offer Ayurvedic Health Counseling
in Sacramento, California and abroad.

I have three Ayurvedic degrees and am a Medical Ayurvedic Specialist. I have completed over 4000 hours of Ayurvedic study and am a certified Ayurvedic Doctor (AyD), Ayurvedic Clinical Specialist (CAS/AP) and Ayurvedic Health Counselor (AHC) through the California College of Ayurveda. Learn more about me…

Ayurveda, meaning “The Science of Life,” or “Life Knowledge,” is one of the oldest holistic approaches to health in the world

Ayurveda honors each person’s unique physical, emotional, and spiritual constitution. Comprised of self-healing techniques of proper diet, exercise, rest and herbal remedies, Ayurveda is the practice of living in harmony with nature.

For those who would like to take a deeper dive into understanding the foundations of Ayurveda, I’ve prepared this introductory guide, covering the basics of Ayurvedic philosophy, the five elements, the doshas, and comparing the Ayurvedic approach to Western medicine. Learn more in my Introductory Guide to Ayurveda…

If you would like to feel more of your inherent vitality and foster your resilience, I would be delighted to work with you. Ayurveda offers a path to support your soul’s passion.

Here’s How Ayurvedic Health Counseling Works…

Scheduling our Consultation and Learning More About You

As soon as we schedule your initial consultation, I will send you a comprehensive questionnaire, asking about your medical history, goals, long term digestive, psychological, and physical tendencies, reproductive tendencies, daily diet, daily habits, sleep, and any and all health challenges going on right now.  You will send me photos of your face, palms, hands, body, and tongue.  Each week the tongue picture will be updated.

Our Two Hour Initial Consultation

At the two hour initial consultation, we’ll go through all of the answers you’ve provided in detail and do a physical examination.  I’ll be asking lots of questions to get more details about and to clarify your symptoms, patterns and history.

I will ask you to get a copy of Laura Plumb’s Ayurveda Cooking for Beginners.  This book will help you develop a basic understanding of Ayurvedic principles before we meet again.

Between our two hour initial consult and our next “report of findings” meeting, I’ll spend 12-20 hours or more over the course of the week, researching your conditions, symptoms, and any diagnoses, analyzing your paperwork, your physical structure, researching herbs, checking any prescription drug interactions which you may be taking, and putting together your Ayurvedic Assessment Summary.

Report of Findings and Your Ayurvedic Assessment Summary

At our follow up report of findings meeting (50 minutes), we will review your Ayurvedic Assessment Summary.  This will include your prakruti, or doshic assessment — the unique percentage of kapha, pitta, and vata doshas with which you were conceived — and your vikruti, the dosha(s) that is/are out of balance right now.

Next we’ll talk about the herbal formulations I have designed for you to allow your body to bring you back to balance.  I’ll also give you the first diet and lifestyle recommendations that you’ll work on until we meet again.

Your Six to Twelve Month Plan

Finally, I’ll give you an overview of the six to twelve month plan that we will develop together, during which you’ll implement the changes we plan very gradually, with regular Ayurvedic health counseling sessions to provide you with support.

Ongoing Ayurvedic Health Counseling Sessions

I recommend working together weekly at first, then gradually moving toward bi-weekly, monthly, and — once your imbalances have healed — seasonally to check in with herbs, diet, and daily habits, or whenever you just need a “tune-up.”

The Ayurvedic healing process depends upon three things:

  1. Your nature (prakruti): How committed you are to changing gradually, how stressful your life is, what kind of environment you live in, etc.
  2. The nature of your imbalance(s) (vikruti): How long they’ve been going on, how serious your health challenges are, whether or not you have multiple challenges, etc.
  3. The nature of the medicine with which we are working (which is part of my job, to formulating recommendations and products tailored just for you).

The purpose of the whole process is to allow your body to heal naturally and at its own pace; the healing comes from you, and I’m just here to guide you and hold space for you.  

For many, this whole process gives them the courage and motivation to make pretty amazing life shifts in the areas of career, relationship, and even parenting.  While patients come to work on digestion or medical diagnoses, they often leave with profound change that they never knew they had the potential to create for themselves.  It can be an incredibly healing and rewarding process for both practitioner and patient.

Begin Your Ayurvedic Health Counseling Today!

I am based in Sacramento, California, and offer Ayurvedic consultations both in Sacramento and anywhere in the world through Zoom, Skype, and FaceTime.

Please feel free to get in touch via email if you have any questions about the process or would like to request an appointment.