Ayurvedic Health Counseling Packages and Pricing

Two Hour Initial Consultation and 75 minute “Report of Findings” $500

Please note:  This is two visits, spaced about a week apart.  Between the initial consult and the report of findings, I do from four to six hours of analysis and prepare your report of findings, which includes your doshic report, initial recommendations, and herbal information.

75 minute Follow Up Visit  $175

Ayurvedic “Road to Self-Healing” Package $1100

  • Two hour Initial Consult
  • 75 minute Report of Findings
  • Five-75 minute weekly Follow Up visits

(This is a 15% discount on all included services! Must be completed in 3 months.)

For Qualified Patients Only:
Ayurvedic Doctor Program Package  $2500

  • Includes $250 credit toward herbal prescriptions.
  • Includes the initial consultation and 16 follow up appointments at a significant discount!
  • Your case will be reviewed, discussed and assessed by a team of Ayurvedic doctors at the California College of Ayurveda who will work together to assure that the most comprehensive treatment is offered to you.

“There have been many discoveries, mostly about food, personal choices, and how food affects my body. I am paying lots of attention to what my body “feels” about everything I consume: water, tea, salt, sugar, meats, processed stuff, veggies, air, etc. This is very new for me.  I always had had issues with overproduction of acid and GERD. I have not had any symptoms and I’ve slept very well.”

— E.M.